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Full text of "Your country calls save food with a silo--40 % of the crop is wasted : a silo saves ... : itis to your interest to buy early & put it up early"

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Library, U: S, Dept. of AgricuHuife, 

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To the Farmers of Iowa 

Winning the war is the business of every loyal citizen of 
this country today. Conservation of foodstuffs is an impor- 
tant patriotic duty which the government urges upon all. 

As a means to conserving feed and increasing production 
of meat and dairy products, the government now appeals to 
farmers to buy silos. This appeal must be heeded by loyal 
Iowa farmers — the silo is so necessary to conservation that 
the purchase of one now is a duty owed to state and nation. 
The silo is the great feed saver — makes succulent, nutritious 
feed of the whole corn plant. It saves the full feed value — 
an average acre of Iowa corn has a feed value of 66 2-3% 
greater as silage than it has as matured ear corn and stalk 

Every Iowa farmer who keeps twelve or more head of cattle 
- — or 100 or more sheep — is officially called upon to put up a 
silo this season. The Iowa Council of National Defense will 
take steps to insure delivery of all silos ordered by Iowa farm- 
ers and, if necessary, will see to it that plenty of labor is 
available for filling every silo. 

Order a silo now. Iowa must respond promptly to the gov- 
ernment call for more silos — we must meet our patriotic obli- 
gations in full. Do not delay until fall to order — select and 
order your silo now and help put Iowa "over the top" with her 
quota of silos ahead of other states. 

Iowa Council of National Defense 

of the crop is wasted 
when left in the field 



IO< on the production of 

one pound of Butter- 
$l.$0 on IOO lbs. of Beef 

$1.50 on IOO lbs. of Mutton- 

40C on IOO lbs. of Milk- 

to Your Interest to 

Early u Put It up Early